(ISO 9001:2008) Certificate of Registration

Although not required, the certificate  assures clients that a manufacturer’s Quality Management System conforms with the most stringent standards (ISO standard requirements). The certification requires that each procedure and work instruction be documented.  Certification helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal operations.

ISO Certificate of Registration.pdf (click to download)

Forest Stewardship Council(TM) ( FSC(R)) (License Code: FSC-C108690) 

Preserving our natural resources, as well as the environment, are top concerns for businesses and consumers in today’s marketplace. B2B and B2C consumers are seeking products that are verified to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.  

For the printing industry that means developing sustainable business practices that allow management of the products we use in our manufacturing processes which originate in our nation’s forests: paper, board and other pulp products.

Keystone Paper and Box is one of a small number of printers in New England that is FSC certified. 

Our FSC certification gives us a “chain of custody” knowledge assuring our customers that all our manufacturing products have been produced with wood or fiber sourced from a properly and responsibly managed forest.

We understand also that those organizations able to verify the source of their paper packaging products will possess a competitive edge in the marketplace. And we are committed to providing that level of sustainable business practice, expertise and products to our customers.