What is Green UV Coating & Role in Creating Sustainable Packaging

Creating Sustainable Packaging

Like most companies today, folding carton manufacturers are increasingly aware of the importance of creating sustainable packaging. As a result, we are increasing our use of renewable, environmentally friendly source materials. One such example of this is the Green UV Coatings used today that are made from renewable bio resources.

So what is a UV Coating?

Basic UV Coatings are used to visually enhance the appearance of your packaging, while increasing the performance of the printed material throughout production and end use. UV Coatings help merchandise the product by adding a smooth glossy sheen. These coatings can be applied after ink is printed on paper, in a specific location or fully flooded on the page. The coating then dries almost instantaneously after exposure to UV Radiation. UV coatings can be dried using a UV Curing process also known as UV Radiation.

These methods are preferable to traditional methods in that they do not emit harmful vapors, help save energy and are environmentally friendly. For more info on UV Curing, not to be confused with UV Coatings. The range of gloss levels found in these coatings is similar to the finishes found in photo paper today. These coatings help brighten the colors of the inks while acting as a protective barrier to smudging, abrasion and scratching. Numerous tests have confirmed the added durability of these coatings.

So what is Green UV Coating and what are some real advantages to using it?

If you can’t get a Green UV Coating, here are your alternatives:

Example Green UV Coating

Above is an image of a beverage carrier, produced at Keystone Paper and Box Co, that has a UV Coating. This 4 pack carrier is part of the Shmaltz Brewing Company Series. This Series was submitted to the Paperboard Packaging Council for their yearly North American Paperboard Packaging Competition. This “Coney Island Freaktoberfest” helped Keystone win the “General Excellence” Award in the 2012 Competition. The UV Coating helps the bright neon colors pop and helps the packaging stand out on the shelf.